Maple Valley Conqueror Adventurers Club

Meetings temporarily on hold until further notice due to the COVID-19


The North American Division Adventurer program is a co-ed holistic ministry that serves an intercultural community of children ages 4 through 10. 

Its purpose is to encourage children to commit their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ with a desire to carry forth the gospel mission to make disciples of all nations. The fun practical activities are designed to help the Adventurer acquire habits, skills, and knowledge to make them a good citizens of this world and the world to come. 

The curriculum is age appropriate with an active learning approach that introduces them to general concepts that they can apply to their own lives by participating in a wide variety of club experiences. 

The Adventurer curriculum is divided into six levels.

  • The Little Lamb is for pre-kindergarten or 4 year olds
  • The Eager Beaver is for kindergarten or 5 year olds
  • The Busy Bee level is for first-grade.
  • The Sunbeam level for second-grade.
  • The Builder for third-grade.
  • The Helping Hand for fourth-graders.
  • The Advanced Helping Hand for fifth graders.

Each level builds on the levels which came before it and is especially designed to interest, challenge, and provide successful experiences for children of that age or grade level.

Adventurer Pledge:  Because Jesus loves me I will always do my best.

Adventurer Law:  Jesus can help me to be: Obedient, Pure, True, Kind, Respectful, Attentive, Helpful, Cheerful, Thoughtful, and Reverent

The club operates during the school year.  Registration is in late August and classes are once a week from 6 – 8:15 pm, September – May. 

The Scarf, sash, slide, field uniform T-shirts, and award patches are included in the annual registration fee ($45.00-First time registration. $35.00 if you registered the previous year).  If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact Darlene Hildebrandt at  


23855 SE 216th St Maple Valley, WA 98038