Claim Your Children Back Seminar

August 18th and 19th

Friday, 18th 7:00 PM Lost In His Own House

Satuday, 19th

11:00 AM The Power Of The Cross

2:00 PM Claim Your Children Back

Location:  23855 SE 216th St. . Maple Valley . WA

Speaker: Grant Agadjanin

President of Creative Media Ministries



Raised an Atheist, and converted to Christianity after the dramatic healing of a life - threatening illness through reading God’s Word, Grant Agadjanian  says, “Over 70% of church members  grieve for children, grandchildren,  and loved ones
that are no longer in the church and have been lost to the world . The grief has left parents disheartened,    discouraged, and not active in the life of the church . “God’s Way of Saving Our Children”    will change this bringing hope, healing, and encouragement    . It will build your faith in the Word of God which reveals how the Lord plans to save them, and what he expects from family members . You need not be disheartened!    Discover the faithfulness  of the Lord to His promises to save your children and loved ones, and watch the Lord unite your church family as you press together for their salvation . Time is running short! This founded by Pastor Bill     Liversidge series is for everyone!    Every Christian in your community
and your friends as well share the same pain . They need healing from this wound, and they need hope . Invite them to experience Jesus on a deeper and closer level.